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Inspired By Science. Crafted With Love.


Help your cats and dogs feel their best! OmegaMax has been formulated to help keep your pet’s coat healthy and shiny inside and out.

Liver Support

Support your cat and dog’s liver health with SAMe (S-Adenosylmethionine). Liver Support contains this active ingredient shown to protect liver cells from cell death.


A nutritional supplement created to fill the gaps in your dog’s diet. Multi-Vitamin is packed with over 15 essential vitamins and minerals to promote your dog’s health and wellness.

Joint Care

A complete joint health solution for your cats and dogs. Joint Care has been designed to help build cartilage, reduce pain and improve overall mobility.


Safe and gentle calming formula for stressed out pups. These delicious soft chews promote relaxation, increase feelings of security, regulate the sleep cycle and relieve anxiety without any side effects.

Dental Wipes

Wipe off plaque and bacteria with these easy wipes! Safe for use in cats and dogs, these fresh wipes are specially formulated to give your pet a bright, clean, and healthy smile.

Hairball Remedy

These yummy treats vanish hairballs, improve digestive health, and promote a healthy skin and coat. With a scrumptious salmon flavor guaranteed to get kitty purring!

UT Support

This delicious soft chew prevents bacterial buildup, reduces inflammation, eases litter box anxiety, and supports bladder muscle function- all in a delicious, tuna-flavored treat!

Healthy. Happy. Longer. Lives.