What’s In It & Why:

+Glucosamine is one of the building blocks of cartilage. Glucosamine has been proven to improve joint condition in cases of mild to moderate osteoarthritis.

+Chondroitin, another building block of cartilage, is essential for the production of cartilage. Along with glucosamine, it has been proven to help reduce pain, increase joint mobility, and decrease the need for pain killers.

+Omega-3 Fatty Acids help reduce inflammation, pain, stiffness, and functional impairment. Omega-3 fats also increase bone mineral content to produce healthier, stronger bones.

+Perna Canaliculus straight from New Zealand. These green-lipped mussels have been long known for greatly improving the condition of joints, as they contain a powerful combination of glucosamine, glycosaminoglycans, and omega-3.

+Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) contains sulfur, a necessary ingredient in the production of collagen, glucosamine, and chondroitin, which are all building blocks of cartilage. Sulfur is also essential in the formation of glutathione, one of the body’s best natural antioxidants.

+Bosweillia serrate Extract, widely used in India for Ayurvedic medicine, it is one of the most widely researched and recognized herbs. It is know to posses many anti-inflammatory effects and is often used to treat chronic inflammatory illnesses such as osteoarthritis.

+Curcuma Ionga, also known as Turmeric, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory widely used to treat arthritis and other inflammatory conditions as well as a variety of other ailments. Turmeric contains more than two dozen anti-inflammatory compounds, including six different COX-2-inhibitors (the COX-2 enzyme promotes pain, swelling and inflammation; inhibitors selectively block that enzyme).

Inactive Ingredients:

Calcium Propionate, Corn Starch, Fish Oil, Glycerin, Purified Water, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Sorbitol, Sorbic Acid, Stabilized Rice Bran, Sucrose.

Under 60 lbs

Pet Weight Initial Administration (4 – 6 weeks) Maintenance
Under 10 lb ½ soft chews daily ½ soft chew daily
10 – 29 lb 1 soft chews daily ½ soft chew daily
30 – 59 lb 2 soft chews daily 1 soft chew daily

Over 60 lbs

Pet Weight Initial Administration (4 – 6 weeks) Maintenance
60 – 120 lb 2 soft chews daily 1 soft chew daily



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